Course delivery Feedback

How has the Choices programme been received?

"We've had over 190 people join that module, which is a phenomenal uptake, given that it's not mandatory. People volunteer to come on the course and results so far have given us 88% of people have rated it as good to great, which I think is a fantastic result."
Penny Cole
People Transformation Director at Quilter

Positive employee feedback

"I am quite a hot-headed person and this has given me the breathing space on how to process these emotions."
"It has helped me be more responsible with myself and my time."
"It has given me a huge drive and its leading me into this very positive way of thinking."
"There is so much you can learn from this programme. It unlocks your real potential and gives you the skills and the confidence and the ability that you previously thought you could never do."
"If there are things in your professional life that you really want to go for, this course has really helped bring that out of me."
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