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Our programmes get to the core of issues; challenging unproductive and unhelpful thinking and putting new ideas and possibilities in place to help delegates progress in both their work and personal life.

The revenue from Choices Training and Development supports our charity Safe New Futures, further enabling businesses to enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Create Healthy, Happy, Thriving Workplaces with bespoke wellbeing and productivity programmes that,

Maximise Your Employees’ Potentials

Attract The Very Best Employees​

Increase Retention Rates​

Reduce Sick Rates

Choices Training and Development Ltd. provide corporate training and support for work-based mental health and stress related issues.

Watch our video to find out how employees have been impacted by our Transforming Mindsets programme.

We help organisations progress their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Give back to a disadvantaged, vulnerable and unemployed community and society in general through supporting the trading arm of the charity Safe New Futures.