Choices Training & Development provide corporate training support programmes that boosts employee motivation by increasing their autonomy, competencies, sense of relatedness and self-esteem. This equips employees with the tools that they need to manage workplace stress and take care of their mental health. Organisations that have completed the programme benefit from increased employee productivity, and wellbeing. This means less absenteeism and staff turnover giving better overall organisational performance and reducing HR related costs. The revenue from this supports our charity Safe New Futures, fulfillfilling CSR responsibilities.

1-in-4 employees will suffer a mental health issue, costing UK businesses,

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per employee per annum
working days per anum
£ billion
in total per anum
Mental Health Costs
A new report by consultancy firm Deloitte, shows that poor mental health is costing UK employers 16% more than the last estimate in 2016 and true costs could be higher as people often don’t disclose mental health problems as the true reason for absence.
This new study tracks the increase of presenteeism, or when people go to work despite not feeling up to it resulting in less productive staff when onsite. Some workers are also experiencing burnout as technology facilitates work outside designated working hours.
Stress, low mood, feelings of anxiety, lack of motivation, isolation, struggling to cope with change, are all things that need to be talked about and addressed. We now know happy staff results in a far more productive, effective and loyal workforce.
Workplace Choices programmes are here to offer a comprehensive wellbeing training programme to organisations looking to invest in the mental health of their staff. We offer impactful blend of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and specialised vocational training, aiming to support staff with new ideas and possibilities.

What is the mental health impact?

Mental illness is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK 1-in-4 employees will suffer a mental health issue, impacting sickness absence and staff turnover costing industry an average of £1,300 for every single employee each year.

What is the mental health impact?

300,000  people leave their place of work each year due to poor mental health. The Centre for Mental Health states the financial cost to British business of mental ill-health is an estimated £26 billion per annum with 11.7 million working days lost. We're here to help.


We can help you enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work and meet your CSR targets & objectives. By working with Choices Training and Development you can support and empower your employees with our transforming mindsets programme while also supporting our charity, Safe New Futures.

Choices Training & Development Ltd. is the Social Enterprise arm of the charity Safe New Futures, charity No. 1088357. The revenue from our programmes support Safe New Futures and helps us to give vulnerable people a new future and a transformed life.